Raised in southern New Jersey, a child of the eighties, Warren announced to his family at the age of six he would be a singer when he grew up. The pop music radio of the late '70’s & early 80’s carried a heavy dose of experimental electro-pop music, and Warren gravitated to that sound. His mother was a devoted Beatles fan and together they would watch re-runs of The Ed Sullivan Show and stories on John Lennon’s death. This is when he first fell in love with viral melodies and artists such as The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Talking Heads, The Guess Who, Queen, and The Beach boys, which greatly influenced his musical tastes. 

In 2000, when Warren was 15, his family moved from Blackwood, NJ to Allentown, Pa. It was there, in Allentown, where Warren stumbled across a box of his father’s old cassette tapes. He instantly was addicted to bands like Led Zeppelin and The Cars. It was Jimmy Page’s gritty, yet smooth guitar which led him to beg his father for a guitar so he could learn to play, but it was The Cars infectious melodies that drove him to be a songwriter.

Soon after that Warren began performing at high school talent shows and friends' parties. At age 17 he began frequenting the local open mics in Allentown. There he was exposed to mix of emo, alternative rock and classic rock covers by obscure and well-known local songwriters. This prompted Warren to begin writing songs immediately. He played the local clubs in the Lehigh Valley area for over a decade before he began touring on the national circuit and playing house concerts, festivals & bars.