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by Warren North

Game of Love “ a vintage look at modern romance” one that borrows from popular music’s old school while sounding accessible for the present.

Opening and title track “Game of Love” is a funky, upbeat way to start the record; one that seems to borrow some influence from contemporary acts like Daft Punk and X Ambassadors.


''Cafe'' is Warren North's debut single.

The story of “Cafe” finds North as the protagonist, trying to muster up the courage to show his affection – or at the very least, say hello – to a woman he desires. These innocent lyrics are a refreshing throwback to an era of popular music where chivalry was alive and well.


A bit later, the emotion is palpable on “She’s Got a Hold on Me,” as North’s vocal bubbles with desperation to escape the addiction of a toxic-turning relationship.


Closing the effort is “Break the Mold,” a tender ballad for the hopeless romantic in all of us.

- Description by Gerard Longo